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How we at Just Breathe DDS are treating both pediatric and adult patients suffering from sleep breathing disorders:

  1. Performing a comprehensive examination including evaluating the oral and airway anatomy to determine possible root causes of the sleep disorder.
  2. Administering home sleep tests.
  3. Receiving a Certified Board Sleep Physician’s diagnosis.
  4. Teaching good nasal hygiene techniques.
  5. Teaching correct tongue posture and providing a number of useful exercises, including effective Myofunctional exercises.
  6. Utilizing patented FDA approved oral appliances to treat mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.
  7. Administering pediatric appliances to stimulate and promote proper growth and development of the upper and lower jaws as well as the floor of the nasal cavity which are FDA approved for straightening teeth.
  8. The appliances have been shown to not only help keep the airway open during sleep but at the same time stimulate the permanent growth and development of the mid and low facial structures, which allows a permanent opening of the airway.  
  9. The adult appliances can also be used simultaneously with a CPAP, BiPAP, or AutoPAP for patients with moderate to severe sleep apnea.
  10. We are not only treating the symptoms associated with sleep breathing disorders but more importantly, at the same time doing our best to treat some of the possible root causes of the conditions.

If you think you or a loved one is suffering from a sleep breathing disorder, you’ll want to take care of the problem sooner than later. Our treatment is a short term process, generally one year, with results that last a lifetime. For more information regarding our sleep treatment or to set up a free patient education meeting, please give us a call today at (208) 500-3030. We can help get you on your way to better sleep and a better life!